Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valves for fire protection start, stop or throttle the flow of water through the rotation of an internal disc. The disc’s rotation is typically controlled by a handwheel. Valves equipped with the Handwheel Gear Operator are closed by turning the handwheel clockwise and opened by turning the handwheel counter-clockwise.

Compared to other types of control valves, butterfly valves are relatively lightweight. Their simple, straightforward design also makes them easier to install, maintain and repair.

Butterfly valves are a good alternative to Ball Valves since they use less space resulting in less material and a much lower cost.

This valve painted in red, are fitted with a specially designed gearbox. A yellow flag of 100 x 100 mm, which is also visible from a distance, indicates if the butterfly valve is open or closed. As an option, the gearbox can be fitted with two internal limit switches.

Butterfly Valve

  1. It is convenient and quick to open and close.
  2. It can be operated frequently.
  3. The structure is simple, small size, short structure, suitable for large diameter valves.
  4. Under low pressure, good sealing can be achieved.
  5. Easy to install

Connection Type:
Wafer and Grooved


Maximum Working Temperature:

2”- 10”

Material Features:
– Body: DI
– Disc: ASTM 395 (Nickel covered) Nodular cast iron
– Spindle: ASTM 583 Tip 416 Stainless Steel
– Threaded Box: Cast iron
– Gasket: EPDM
– Flywheel: Cast iron